Practical Financial Advice to Help You Survive the COVID-19 Crisis

Some may come through the coronavirus pandemic no worse for the wear. But many are going to struggle if they don't take certain measures to protect themselves.

Although I have a degree in business, I am not a professional financial advisor. My online work skills lean more towards me being an amateur content curator. I scour the world wide web looking for reliable information and advice on everything from A to Z. When I find “good stuff” published by the people who know what they're talking about, instead of bookmarking and selfishly hoarding my findings, I share the wealth. Figured other folks might have the same questions and are also searching for the answers.

The US government has approved an economic stimulus package and the noble goal is to provide financial assistance and relief to individuals, to businesses, and especially to healthcare providers. (Senate Approves Roughly $2 Trillion in Coronavirus Relief – WSJ) The citizens of America are grateful. Nevertheless, individuals and family units need to seriously think about their finances and what they need to do so that they are not crushed by this crisis.

Here are some useful links that you can read now and/or bookmark for future reference.

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